Species of Interest

Many regions of Minnesota are so under-surveyed that every species could be on this list, but in light of what has been found recently in the field and what we have found in older specimens in museum collections we have come up with a list of “Minnesota’s Most Wanted” species. These species are known from a single specimen in Minnesota or they are not being reported from areas that we expect to find them or they occur in small populations in remote regions or there is an historical record, but nothing has been reported in modern times.

  • Red Damsel – Amphiagrion saucium
  • Prairie Bluet – Coenagrion angulatum
  • River Bluet – Enallagma anna
  • Double-striped Bluet – Enallagma basidens
  • Zigzag Darner – Aeshna sitchensis
  • Subarctic Darner – Aeshna subarctica
  • Ocellated Darner – Boyeria grafiana
  • Cyrano Darner – Nasiaeschna pentacantha
  • Spatterdock Darner – Rhionaeschna mutata
  • Blue-Eyed Darner – Rhionaeschna multicolor
  • Lilypad Clubtail - Arigomphus furcifer
  • Zebra Clubtail – Stylurus scudderi
  • Least Clubtail – Stylogomphus albistylus
  • Skillet Clubtail – Gomphus ventricosus
  • Splendid Clubtail – Gomphus lineatifrons
  • Various Snaketails – Ophiogomphus sp.
  • Arrowhead Spiketail – Cordulegaster obliqua
  • Stygian Shadowdragon – Neurocordulia yamaskenensis
  • Smoky Shadowdragon – Neurocordulia molesta
  • Ebony Boghaunter – Wiliamsoni fletcheri
  • All Somatochlora – Somatochlora sp.
  • Red-veined Meadowhawk – Sympetrum madidum
  • Blue-faced Meadowhawk – Sympetrum ambiguum
  • Elfin Skimmer – Nanothemis bella
  • Slaty Skimmer – Libellula incesta
  • Red Saddlebags – Tramea onusta
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